Mango Mall History

Mango Mall came upon when a group of entrepreneurs found out that there was a need in the ecommerce space particularly in the convenience of helping Filipinos who are living and working abroad, whose family are of here in the Philippines and of need of fast and convenient shopping from the basic commodities up to luxurious items. We made sure that the user’s experience would be so simple from shopping to secured payment and fulfillment of orders. Mango Mall provides a mall like shopping venue where they can buy electronics, appliances, furniture and other items found in your department stores for their families as if they were inside the mall shopping in the Philippines.


Our Promise

We only feature products and services from suppliers that we have establish healthy and professional relationships. With that as a promise we only showcase products and services of which we have personally tested and proven to be legitimate, credible and commendable. We understand the worry over connecting with suppliers whom we don’t know as well as the inconvenience and disappointment over failed deliverables.

We made sure that your experience with our featured products and services will not only match but surpasses the level of your expectations.


Our Mission

To be the most convenient Philippine based online gateway that could provide not only to the OFW’s across the globe but the ginormous global market who would like to access the fastest and most convenient way of shopping from the basic commodities up to luxurious items. Now let your fingers do the work.


Our Responsibilities

We are committed to doing business with our partners, clients and the OFW community with integrity and respect.